The Virtual Taxi

The Virtual Taxi in Swindon offers a unique experience of traveling with utmost comfort and luxury. They allow you to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience with their free wifi, PS4 gaming console, Netflix, and Prime streaming as well as Youtube Music, on the go. 

Mark Bates started The Virtual Taxi in order to provide a relaxing and enjoyable traveling experience to the people coming to Swindon. The idea was to make the journey more delightful than the destination itself.

Now one of the leading taxi services in Swindon, The Virtual Taxi is one of our most esteemed clients.

Why did The Virtual Taxi approach us?

With growing competition in the market for taxi services in Swindon, The Virtual Taxi was facing difficulty gathering more customers on a daily. Initially what seemed to be an effective marketing strategyūĎĀčAdvertising through the local pack section of google search, was now proving to be an expensive option.

They needed to revive the business with a fresh approach and utilize the advertising cost, effectively. Hence, coming to us proved a good decision!

Solution Offered

It is often seen that businesses tend to perform well initially and the progress slowly starts dipping while advertising via Google Ads. This can be due to various reasons but the most common one is not managing Google Ad Campaigns regularly.

Yes, you heard that right! Even after being a very dynamic product by Google, Google AdWords requires regular monitoring and management to perform well. A routine check of the key aspects of Google Ads and even the advanced features is mandatory to keep the graph stable.

  • Filtering the negative keywords
  • Bid adjustments
  • Relevant ad text and ad rotation
  • Budget management
  • Bid strategy changes
  • Ad group division
  • Effective campaign creation

These are just a few from the long list of things we focused on, for reviving the business of The Virtual Taxi.

Along with this, the previous landing page for the ads of the business was not well designed which resulted in a high bounce rate for the customers. Therefore, a new website with various innovative call-to-action buttons and a good loading speed was designed for the brand. Keeping in mind that the business would benefit predominantly via phone calls and inquiries, our expert team at Dashr made sure that the process of reaching out for the taxi service is the easiest for the people who land on the website.

The Virtual Taxi is assisted with:

Google Ads

Web Design

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