Shikha Shastra

Shikha Shastra opens the door to astrology and feng shui in a very scientific and trustworthy manner. With unique Japanese reiki techniques and a traditional Indian Vastu, Shikha Shastra gives you an insight into the future.

Founded by Mrs. Shikha in 2018, Shikha Shastra has become a pan-India success over the past couple of years.

Why did Shikha Shastra approach Dashr?

In 2019, Shikha Shastra had just stepped into the industry and wanted to make a name for itself. They had a vision of reaching people all over the country and wanted to make a name for themselves.

Starting from scratch, they need their brand to be visible online to the masses and also be marketed in a viable manner.

Solution Offered:

Even though the services and products offered by Shikha Shastra are very intriguing, there were a good amount of things that we had to consider before diving into advertising them.

The first step was to design a well-curated website that was user-friendly and up to date with all the information related to Vastu and Astrology. Gathering information and presenting it to the audience in an easy-to-read form along with including plenty of call-to-action buttons for people to connect with Shikha whenever they felt the need to, was vital.

Along with this, designing a brand that can resonate with people and the service she is offering was an integral part of making the business a success.

We took the challenge head-on by doing the following:

  • Designing a website 
  • Making a brand manual
  • Creating an ads account for advertising the business
  • Targeting the active audiences
  • Forming user-friendly and attractive ads
  • Adding testimonials for each claim
  • Creating various CTA buttons
  • Installing Live Chat options for immediate assistance
  • Bid strategy alterations
  • Complex conversion tracking
  • Google analytics setup
  • GTM installation
  • Setting up google search console

These are just a few points out of the bunch that we did in order to create Shikha Shastra and make it a successful brand.

Shikha Shastra is assisted with:

Google Ads


Business Branding

Web Design

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