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Social Media

Let us design the building blocks of fame for your brand with our skillset. We create interactive and effective social media campaigns and lookbooks that set your brand apart from the crowd.

Google Ads

Get noticed by the right people for the right searches on Google. Spend wisely on Google ads to engage with your audience, with our techniques, and generate a good ROI...


We strive to bring your business on top organically with our custom made SEO services. Whether it’s using keyword planners to find the correct ranking words or doing intensive research.

Web Design

Let go of the hesitation to create your dream website. We are here to bring your vision to life! Whether it’s a professional website or an interesting internet design you took inspiration from, we ensure you get everything made to your taste.

Business Branding

From content curation to deciding the theme and color palette, we cater to all your brand requirements. Our goal is to convey your brand’s message in the right manner. We narrate your story using our creative ways to get you to the top....


Always wanted to sell to a wide audience? You are in the right spot! We design the backend as well as the face of your E-commerce store. Whether you are a homegrown business or a dropshipping site, we take care of all your tracking ......


In Dashr, we always focus on building long term business relationships, where we benefit only when our clients benefit.

With the cut-throat competition to make a name in the digital space, we thrive to provide the best services to anybody who comes to us with an idea while keeping the packages pocket-friendly.

Focusing on efficient delivery of digital marketing services, we also like to pay attention to the overall look and feel of your brand like it’s our own.

We want Dashr to be your family rather than just a company that manages the marketing for your business.



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