Business Branding

Branding is the identity of your business and this is how people will recognize you in the digital space. Often thought of as only being limited to the design of the logo, business branding is way more than that.

Defining your service style, fonts, illustrations, mascots, or symbols, as well as colorsㅡAll, define the brand of your business.

Steps to Build Your Brand

  • Wordmark Or Logo
  • Corporate Font
  • Style Consistency
  • Shape And Form
  • Theme And Taglines
  • Visual Elements

Wordmark Or Logo

Logo acts as the face of your brand. With the logo, one can set the tone for their brand. The colors, font, and design determine what your brand wants to convey.

Corporate Font

The font used on the website, flyers, social media posts as well as emails, should be uniform in order to give it a polished look. Hence, determining the corporate font will make you look more professional as compared to your competitors.

Style Consistency

Using a similar style flow throughout the content of the website as well as any posts on social media helps in creating an image in the audience’s head. They start associating the business with this style and delivery.

Shape And Form

The illustrations and symbols used for the brand also define the goal of the business as well as its niche. 

Theme And Taglines

Using quirky taglines that are engaging ensures your brand is more appealing to the audience and your target customers. This involves social media presence as well as professional one-on-one emails.

Visual Elements

At any stage of the business, an interesting visual element gives an upper hand to a business. Whether it’s a 3-second intro video that you run before all your ads or a mascot or symbol that shows up with all your products, it always sets your business apart from the rest.