Medleys Bazaar

Medleys Bazaar is a unique one-of-a-kind general store that sells interesting items ranging from useful household equipment to attractive electronic gadgets. The store has something for everyone which makes it an all-inclusive brand.

Reynaldo Morales started the brand in 2020, right before the break of a global pandemic. The vision was to reach as many people in The United States of America without requiring them to step outside their door. This was another primary reason due to which Rey emphasized Medleys Bazaar being a one-stop-shop for all regardless of what they were looking for!

Why Medleys Bazaar reached out to Dashr?

Though the initial launch of the store was a success, the conversions started dying down due to the outbreak of the pandemic. The business was taking a direct hit as it couldn’t reach the right audience and was unable to generate sufficient revenue to sustain the business.

Medleys Bazaar needed a revival strategy that could work during these tense situations and reach the right audience that can benefit the business.

Solution Offered:

Since Medleys Bazaar was a general dropshipping store that operated in the entire USA, we implemented few strategies to turn the tables in favor of the business. Starting with making the website more comprehensive and adding the correct kind of tracking, we took the challenge to make Medleys Bazaar a success again!

The following are some of the measure we took for Medleys Bazaar:

  • Shopify Feed Integration
  • Conversion tracking set up
  • Google Analytics Integration and Linking
  • Google Ads Management
  • Curation of specific shopping ads 
  • Managing bid strategy
  • Creating a negative keyword list
  • Email marketing management
  • Designing templates 
  • Klaviyo automation triggers
  • Merchant Centre Management

Along with this, we also focused on general brand management and functionality of the website.

Medleys Bazaar was assisted with:


Google Ads

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