The Love Coven

The Love Coven is a safe place for people going through tough times in their relationships or finding it hard to move on. It is a safe haven for many in need for a person to have their back in times of emotional turmoil. 

Using creative methods to help couples with relationship counseling, Morticia Rose took the initiative to create an online platform for people to reach out in dark times. Being one of the popular practitioners in the community, Morticia wanted her brand to have a very mystic yet approachable appeal. 

Now acing the game in their field, The Love Coven is one of our first clients in the UK. Soon after the success of their business, a branch in the United States of America was initiated by the name of Scarlet Love Spells designed and managed by Dashr as well!

Why did The Love Coven approach us?

Being in a business that essentially plans on helping people with managing their emotions requires many unique call-to-action options. The main difficulty arises in reaching the audience that is really in need of the services offered. Hence, Morticia reached out to us in hopes of finding a way to reach the target audience that she can assist, while they can add value to her brand.

Solution Offered:

A business like The Love Coven has many claims and guarantees on the website and the main hurdle is to manage the website in a manner that complies with all the guidelines and regulations of advertising along with following ethical procedures.

We took the challenge of managing her brand by making huge alterations in the way the service was being marketed to the audience:

  • Intensive keyword research
  • Strict audience lists
  • Neutral yet informative ad texts 
  • Adding testimonials for each claim
  • Creating various CTA buttons
  • Installing Live Chat options for immediate assistance
  • Bid strategy alterations
  • Complex conversion tracking
  • Google analytics setup
  • GTM installation

These are some of the things we focussed on, in order to narrow the search for The Love Coven and be available to the people who are in real need of their service.

Along with this, the initial website that The Love Coven used was a single pager that didn’t look very professional, as well as didn’t, have any dynamic features for tracking. We revamped the website with vibrant fonts and texts that suited the business. Along with this, we created an intricate tracking set up to make sure all the leads and the conversions are noted. This in turn helped in optimizing the website’s SEO score as well as ad performance.

Not only this, an integral part of redoing The Love Coven as a brand was focusing on its’s style guide and the logo they used. This was also done by the expert team at Dashr. We made sure the clients at The Love Coven felt safe and the brand could build trust with their customers.

The Love Coven is assisted with:

Google Ads Management

Website Design

Business Branding

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